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"Smarter rider training"

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

16+ upto 50cc and 17+ upto 125cc

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Fun and Challenging

When you train at Surepass, you can be assured that your on-site training is the safest possible. We don't "share" facilities with other businesses, vehicles or the public. We are the only training school in the area to have completely private training sites.

The CBT course must be legally completed before you can ride on the road*. The CBT is a one day course but can take longer depending on your ability. It can be taken by anyone aged 16 years or over.  To complete a CBT course you must have either a provisional or full driving licence with category A (motorcycle entitlement), category P or AM (moped entitlement) on it.  A moped is a motorcycle with a maximum speed not exceeding 50km per hour (approximately 31mph), an engine capacity no greater than 50cc and if it was used before 1st September 1977 it can be moved by pedals.

Once you have completed the CBT course you will be entitled to ride on the road on a motorcycle up to 125cc (50cc maximum at 16 years of age), you must display L plates, you cannot carry a passenger and you cannot ride on motorways.

The CBT course comprises of five elements which you must safely complete to pass the course.  The five elements must be completed in sequence, although the order of the exercises within the elements can be varied.  You will only be allowed to move onto the next element when your instructor is satisfied that you have learnt and understood the necessary theory and demonstrated the required practical skills to a safe basic level. You will then move out onto the road where, by law, you must complete a two hour (minimum) road ride.

The five elements of a CBT course are:

A- Introduction

B- Practical on-site training

C- Practical on-site riding

D- Practical on-road training

E- Practical on-road riding

When all the five elements have been satisfactorily completed and the instructor is happy that you are a competent rider you will be issued with your CBT certificate, (this is called a DL196).  If you do not reach the required standard "on the day", a further booking will be required. If you satisfactorily completed elements A to D, your further booking will be discounted by 50%.

The CBT certificate is a legal document which validates the relevant entitlements on your driving licence so please keep your certificate safe.  

Your DL196 is valid for two years from the date of issue and will need to be retaken if both theory and practical tests are not passed within the two-year certificate life.  There is no limit to how many CBT courses you can complete and you do not have to leave a time span between each CBT course.  If you lose your DL196 we can issue you a duplicate certificate. The DVSA advises the price of a duplicate certificate and Surepass applies an administration charge of £10.00.

* If you obtained your full driving licence before the first of February 2001, you are automatically entitled to ride a moped (50cc only) without L-Plates and without taking a CBT (although it is recommended that you do)

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